About us

For more than 14 years, we have been implementing innovative scientific ideas of Russian scientists, creating unique and effective products for beauty and health. Our products have received high expert evaluation and awards in the world of applied science.

Our products have been produced under different brands (Invistra, Sengara) since 2007.
The VEIRA brand has been promoted on the Russian market since 2017

Fast development in Russia for 3 years we’ve opened offices in 73 cities, including Kazakhstan (4 offices), Belarus (1 office) and Ukraine (3 offices) gives us an understanding that we need to expand gradually our sales geography.

The product lines

The product lines are focused on the prevention of various diseases and age-related changes in the human body.
Our main concept is an active and elegant aging.

Our special pride is the line based on microbiological research.
It includes hygienic, preventive Sprays with bacteriophages and prebiotics.

Bacteriophages support the normal microflora and prevent bacterial infections.
They are created by nature to regulate the bacteria populations and are the most abundant organisms on Earth.

Bacteriophages are not harmful to human body. They are highly specific and selective in their activity. They eliminate a specific type of bacteria following subsidence of clinical symptoms, without harming either human cells or "friendly" bacteria.

Bacteriophages help restore the balance of human microbiome and support healthy immune system.

Bacteria are not a bad thing

In an effort to get rid of bacteria, we could harm our own body.
Bacteria are necessary for humans but this fact is often ignored in the modern world.
Bad ecology, poor nutrition, unhealthy habits as well as inadequate use of antimicrobial agents lead to the bacterial breakdown in human organism.
This causes dysbiosis, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Bacteria help us in everything: they produce the missing enzymes for digestion, boost the immunity, protect the skin and even affect the mental well-being.

But microflora dysbiosis may lead to a number of diseases. That is why an ecological approach is so important to cure bacterial infections. The most important thing is that you are getting the right balance.

Phages help the immunity to achieve a balance and do not effect on the human normal microflora. They have not shown any side effects or risks of toxicity, do not cause dysbiosis and are rapidly cleared from kidneys and liver.

Our cosmetics for face and body care are characterized by a high-tech approach. The author's formulas were developed by the doctor of Medical Sciences S. K. Panyushin.

The compositions of our creams and lotions are selected in such a way that they combine natural ingredients with scientific developments.
To enter the European market, all our cosmetics are registered on CPNP (Cosmetic product notification portal).

The production of our cosmetics is carried out in a GMP-certified factory. We work with different ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, selective plant extracts, pollen extracts, and others.

We are also known for our Prevention Line.
Restoration gel with L-Arginine. It helps after sports training, relieves delayed onset muscle soreness. Gel contains components which ensure relaxing, analgetic and anti-inflammatory actions.

Hair growth activator with peptides reduces the risk of hair loss and strengthens the hair roots. Solves the problems of baldness in both men and women, including androgenetic alopecia.

In addition, we would like to mention our 100% natural biodegradable soap. It has a lot of fans in Russia.
It perfectly cleanses the skin from dirt and toxins, has excellent washing properties, does not contain dyes, flavors, does not dry the skin. The total content of fatty acids is 80%.

Microbiome Nutrition with prebiotics

A very important product line is Microbiome Nutrition with prebiotics.

These are useful concentrates of soft drinks and jellies. They do not belong to any category of sports or dietary nutrition.

This is a perfectly balanced meal with good taste. Prebiotics are the tools to configure the gut microbiome.

The human gut is an ecosystem comprising trillions of microbes interacting with the host.

The composition of the microbiota and their interactions play roles in different biological processes and the formation of its immunity.