Intervei ltd is an international exclusive distributor of goods known under Russian brands VEIRA (cosmetics) and Propy-lactica (microbiome nutrition).
The name is created from two words Inter - International and Vei the first syllable from VEIRA.

The brands appeared in 2017, but have already established themselves in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus as unique, effective products for beauty and health.

Many products have no analogues, as they combine an innovative scientific approach, patented technologies and exclusive ingredients.

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Face care Our concept is not anti-age but active and elegant aging. The product lines are focused on the prevention of various diseases and age-related changes in the human body.

Sprays with bacteriophages
allow you to restore the microflora of the skin easily and quickly without disturbing the balance of useful bacteria and thereby restore skin immunity and strengthen the body's defense against all kinds of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Products against hair loss. Now the alopecia is getting younger. And 25% of people experience this problem after covid-19. What solution do we offer?

Our Microbiome Nutrition is complex, specially adapted prebiotics. It includes nutrients with a prebiotic effect. These are specific carbohydrates, dietary fiber, some proteins, and some organic acids and lipids.


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Upon ordering for 120 € (with VAT), delivery within the EU countries is FREE

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10% of the product price is returned to the client's account as cash back.
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The unique production technology allowed us to create 100% natural, biodegradable soap.
The soap not only cleanses the skin of impurities, but also helps to cleanse it from toxins, restores the water-fat balance.

Foaming produces a thick, soft, creamy foam. It contains nutrients that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

It has excellent detergent properties, does not contain dyes, fragrances, does not dry the skin of the hands and body.
The soap can be used for washing. It cleans up any tough stains in cold water. This soap is also indispensable for washing heavily soiled surfaces.
The total content of fatty acids is 80%


Restoration gel with l-arginine improves microcirculation. Helps after sports training, relieves delayed onset muscle soreness.
Gel contains components which ensure relaxing, analgetic and anti-inflammatory actions.

The formulation of the Restoration gel is made according to the wavy characteristics of every ingredient.
L-Arginine is an aminoacid which provides optimization of the vascular tonicity and activization of blood flow, ensures a spasmolitic effect.
Flavonoids of chestnut promote restoration of the elasticity of the vessels. Ginger decreases an inflammatory process.
Sweet clover improves venous blood flow, eliminates stagnation in the tissues.
Plantain increases blood coagulability in cases of bruises, provides a hemostatic action. Combined with menthol relieves pain.


The unique plant Monarda is a natural antibiotic that provides antifungal, antiviral, bactericidal,
immunomodulatory, antioxidant, radioprotective, desensitizing, antiparasitic, anticarcinogenic, adaptogenic effect.

The aroma of Monarda is a unique drink without preservatives, thickeners and stabilizers,
without colorants and synthetic flavors with monarda oil. 100% natural product. It provides:
Prevention of seasonal diseases
Improves digestion.
Eliminates bad breath.
Reduces the risk of digestive tract spasms.