Why use products with bacteriophages?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of products with bacteriophages becomes especially necessary.

Wearing masks disrupts the microflora of the respiratory tract and oral cavity.

The use of alcohol disinfectants kills not only harmful viruses and bacteria on the hands, but also, useful microflora that protects the skin of the hands.
Thus, the local immunity is violated, which means that the body loses its natural defense. The skin is often dried on the hands and can crack, thus opening an additional gate for infection.

Besides, due to the total disinfection of premises, a huge number of allergic reactions develop.

Sprays with bacteriophages allow you to restore the microflora of the skin easily and quickly without disturbing the balance of useful bacteria and thereby restore skin immunity and strengthen the body's defense against all kinds of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Sprays with bacteriophages are safe to use.
They are produced in a GMF certified factory.
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Bacteriophages are friends to the human

Our products have been developed specifically for the prevention of various bacterial diseases. The use of biological methods to protect the human microflora is our know-how.

In 2013 Patent No. 2480239 (for Russian Federation) was obtained.
A method for preserving the activity of bacteriophages in a special gel at a storage temperature from 0 to +25C was patented.
The author of the patent is the developer of our products, Doctor of Medicine Sergey PANUSHIN.

Bacteriophages are created by nature to regulate the bacteria populations and are the most abundant organisms on Earth.
A bacteriophage is a type of virus that infects bacteria. In fact, the word "bacteriophage" literally means "bacteria eater," because bacteriophages destroy their host cells.
Their use is a gentle approach to treat bacterial infections. They help restore the balance of human microbiome and support healthy immune system.

Phages help the immunity to achieve a balance and do not affect on the human normal microflora. They have not shown any side effects or risks of toxicity and do not cause dysbiosis.

Bacteriophages are highly specific and selective in their activity. They eliminate a specific type of bacteria following subsidence of clinical symptoms, without harming either human cells or "friendly" bacteria.

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What are bacteriophage products for?

1. Protection and local immunity
Bacteriophages destroy punctually bad bacteria on the skin and mucous membranes. Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria on the skin. This means that the natural defense is increasing.

2. Smell
Sweating is a natural process for humans, but bad bacteria and their waste products are often to blame for the unpleasant smell of sweat. Feet often sweat and many people suffer from an unpleasant odor. Body odor also changes with age. Bacteriophage products help solve this problem.

3. Fast care
Many people do not like to apply creams to their skin because they have to wait for it to be absorbed. Sprays with bacteriophages are applied quickly. For example, hand care takes only 15 seconds!

4. Rapid healing of skin microdamages
Our sprays instantly heal wounds and cracks in the skin. They are great after waxing or shaving. An oral spray is a must after visiting the dentist. This quick healing prevents inflammation and shows bacteriophage activity within each spray.

Each of our products has its own characteristics and advantages.
Sprays with bacteriophages are safe to use, do not contain alcohol and harmful substances.
The action of bacteriophages begins immediately after application.

Bacteriophages and human microbiome. How it works?

Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms together create what is known as the human microflora or microbiome: a consortium of different microbial communities located in different niches across the human body. It includes oral, vaginal, skin and intestinal microbiomes.

Lytic phages and prophages play a key role in regulating bacterial balance, including healthy human microbiome. It can be assumed that our regular consumption of phages from natural foods and water resources is essential for the sustainment of the healthy microbiome.

This explains why allergies to pure phage preparations do not develop in humans, and why the innate immune system does not respond significantly to bacteriophages, it would disrupt the microbiome balance. In humans, phages are partially or mostly degraded by the reticular endothelial system. But they may survive for quite a long time, multiplying in host bacteria and staying in balance with them.

Our products consist of phage cocktails combining of 15 - 20 types of bacteriophages which are specifically selected to treat diseases caused by the most common bacteria in a particular area (ENT, oral cavity, dermatology, genitourinary system). Phages therapy is scientifically proven to be therapeutically effective.

Our achievements

We have been working on bacteriophages since 2007 in close cooperation with phage scientists.

The development of phage collections is carried out by the Research and Production Center Micromir. Each product has its own unique collection of bacteriophages that are active against pathogenic bacteria of the same name ("bad" bacteria). In the description of each product on our website, they are listed.


2008 - The Chizhevsky Gold Medal — the highest award of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.

2013 - Patent No. 2480239 (for Russian Federation) was obtained.
A method for preserving the activity of bacteriophages in a special gel at a storage temperature from 0 to +25C was patented.
The author of the patent is the developer of our products, Doctor of Medicine Sergey PANUSHIN.

2016 - Gold medal of the International Foundation for Biotechnology named after Academician Irina Blokhina

2018 - Star award named after Ilya MECHNIKOV ( the Nobel Prize winner)
"For active work in the field of public health"

Product line with bacteriophages

Spray for women with bacteriophages and prebiotics

An invisible protective barrier gives a feeling of freshness.
Suitable for women of any age. It has no analogues

Spray for men with bacteriophages and prebiotics

Provides additional protection against bacterial infections during sexual contact

Hand spray with bacteriophages and prebiotics

Hand skin care and protection in 15 seconds.Restores the skin after wearing plastic gloves

Foot spray with bacteriophages and prebiotics

Getting rid of unpleasant odors in a week of use. Suitable for both men and women

Oral spray with bacteriophages and prebiotics

Eliminates unpleasant odors and an effect of dry mouth
Prevention of caries, periodontitis, gingivitis.

Hygienic spray with bacteriophages

Spraying in front of the face provides easier breathing and improves indoor well-being. Relieves the condition of seasonal allergic reactions (for example, to flowering).