There are a lot of companies in the world that produce cosmetics, and each of them has the main goal - to make a woman more beautiful and her skin younger. Our concept is not anti-age. Our main concept is an active and elegant aging.
The product lines are focused on the prevention of various diseases and age-related changes in the human body.

Our cosmetics for face and body care are characterized by a high-tech approach. The author's formulas were developed by the doctor of Medical Sciences Sergey PANUSHIN.
The compositions of our creams and lotions are selected in such a way that they combine natural ingredients with scientific developments.

To enter the European market, all our cosmetics are registered on CPNP (Cosmetic product notification portal). The production of our cosmetics is carried out in a GMP-certified factory.

We work with different ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, selective plant extracts, pollen extracts, and others.

"A beautiful woman is a woman whose skin shines and reflects light .."
(Auguste Renoir, The impressionist painter)

What is your skin missing?
A simple test to understand what your skin needs.

Touch with the back of your hand (not with your fingers) to the face.

What do you feel?
Dryness? Stickiness? Roughness?
These sensations indicate that the skin was not properly cared for.

Healthy, well-groomed, balanced skin is not sticky, not rough, not dry, but velvety and slightly moisturized.

See the most important skin parameters

Sit in front of a mirror. Smile! Keep smiling for 20-30 seconds and then relax your face.
Frown. Relax your face after 20-30 seconds.
How long do traces of facial expressions remain?
The longer the marks can be seen, the lower the skin elasticity.

Normally moisturized skin shines without a sticky feeling.

Lack of moisture. Dry skin (hypohidrosis) without shine, rough to the touch, shrinks after washing, often peels off. The complexion is dull, grayish.
At the age of 40+, any cosmetic procedure must be accompanied by the restoration of the moisture factor (NMF).

Lipids are skin’s natural fats. They are essential components of skin and play a crucial role in maintaining the strength of the skin’s protective barrier, which holds moisture, protects the skin from damage and keeps impurities out.

Greasy shine and enlarged pores indicate increased oiliness.
Dull and flaky skin is a sign of undernutrition.
DO NOT: mechanical procedures, peels, scrubs, active lifting.
NEED: delicate cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment.


Face and neck cream
50 ml


Facial gesture is the art of being yourself.
Elasticity shows the age of the facial skin. It depends on the strength of the collagen structures.

The cream protects the cells of the epidermis, nourishes, fills the skin with vitamins and minerals.
Improves its tone and elasticity. Helps to smooth out age-related changes. It makes the skin matte and velvety.

Two types of bee pollen extracts (CO2 and aqueous). Fermented in a special way they contain proline.
Proline is an amino acid (natural peptide). Helps strengthen collagen molecules, slows down the aging process of the skin.

Moisturizing facial gel
with hyaluronic acid and bacteriophages
50 ml

Moisturizing facial gel

Hyaluronic acid is produced by our body. It fills the intercellular space and gives the skin a healthy, hydrated look.

The volume of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases over the years.
At the same time, harmful bacteria, getting on the skin, destroy hyaluronic acid.

Wearing masks helps these bacteria grow under the mask.

Bacteriophages in the gel are active against the following bacteria: Clostridium perfringens, Proteus vulgaris, Porphyromonas gingivalis genera Pneumococcus, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Flavobacterium.

“Energizer” Tonic spray with L-arginine

Due to the active ingredients in its composition, it allows you to preserve the young energy of the skin cells for a long time.

Gives the skin a shiny, healthy look.
Relieves the effects of stress.

The spray formula allows you to simulate the energy of the epidermis cells in accordance with the energy of young skin cells.

L- Arginine is an amino acid that forms the nutrient protein in cells. It has multiple beneficial effects.

Rhododendron Adamsii is a valuable natural energy source, rich in essential oils, phytosterols and oleic acid.

“Energizer” Tonic spray
with L-arginine
50 ml

Cream-mousse for face and neck

Cream-mousse makes your skin produce its own collagen and elastin molecules. They are responsible for the moisture and elasticity of the skin, maintain and restore its elasticity.
Cream mousse has a expressed anti-aging effect

The action of the cream is aimed at

Restoration of elasticity and lipid barrier of the skin.
Protection from adverse environmental factors and moisture loss.
Powerful hydration and nutrition for tired and stressed skin.
Rejuvenation. Helps to form a clear oval face.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) extracts of yeast and rice bran have antioxidant properties. Prevents the appearance of age spots

for face and neck
50 ml